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  • Hi there,

    I'am searching for a solution for a Spiderman-Movement as you can see here in this Video (0:48 - 0:51)

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    Hope anybody can Help me and can post a very simple *.capx for me!



  • Hi again,

    no answer...hmmm...is this (i think easy thing for the prof. Users here) not possible within Construct 2? I can't believe....


  • This is fully within the realm of possibility. But you might want to wait longer than 6 hours for someone to reply with an answer.

    There are a number of ways you can do this. If you're using a platform behavior character then you could have an event check to see if the player is next to a wall and presses a certain button, then the player can enter the "climb" state at which point the platform behavior is deactivated and a custom control scheme is put in place where you shift the player's Y coordinate depending upon whether the up or down controls are pressed. Things like that.

    I didn't come up with a capx because I don't have the time right now, but the above is pretty much the gist of one way it could work.

    EDIT: Just caught the part of your post specifying the time in the video you were looking to replicate. I thought you meant the wall climbing, but seems you meant the swinging. Good thing R0J0's on the case! <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Also in response to your other topic: http://www.scirra.com/forum/movement-with-chain_topic57362.html

    Well, first you would need a way to replicate the swinging rope. Physics with a hinge comes to mind. You could also use the math for pendulum motion. The swing behavior may also be a way to do it:


    Once you have a way to swing on the rope you can use it in your game by toggling the normal behavior off and your swinging behavior on whenever on the rope, and back to normal when not on the rope.

  • Hi there,

    thank you for the Answers. I don't need a complicated example, an easy

    will do it for me.

    Here is a little Test-Example what i will do.


    Pressing x is spawning a line between the Player and the Platform.

    When the Line collides with the Plattform it should be "pinned" to it and to the Player and the Player should move with the Line like you see

    in the Spiderman example.


  • ...and why don't you continue working on your "example"? I think, its a good start and you'll find just about everything you need within the "how to" section of this board.

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  • Weishaupt

    Thanks, but i have tested something out and i can't find the right solution. Hopefully anybody can help me out because i have tested

    so much, but nothing will work...


  • Ask specific questions, that can be answered. Asking things like, how to build a game like Donkey Kong will not get you anywhere.

    In your code, the pining can not work as expected, because the lasso will continue to change its size. You have to disable the resizing as soon as its pinned to the platform

  • Weishaupt

    Sure, but i don't need a complete Work - that is not that what i wan't.

    My Question is only the "Movement". I'm sure in Construct 2 are many Way's to do this - maybe somebody have experiented and have already

    a capx....


  • Here's the basic formula: Pendula

    As I recall you'll need to use cos rather than sin for C2's system.

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