How do I speed touch controls

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  • I mean....

    I'm making a game in which I have tactile controls ..

    right...left and jump.

    my problem is that when I export to Cordova XDK intel, to try the game ,there is a delay between any of the control pulse until the player reacts,a few millisecond duration.

    this is normal when exported with intel XDK ?

    or is there any way to improve the delay ?


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  • Something??????


  • I think it's hard to answer this question without seeing the problem and/or knowing how your events are set up..

    On what devices have you tested, are the results different from playing the game directly from browser..?

    There are too many things unclear to make any usefull comments..

  • Tactile controls, one on the right , one on the left and another to jump

    In the event....

    when you play right object, right simulate movement ....and set animation to ( my animation) ......nothing more Player animation consists of 5 sprites.

    As with the other...left and jump.

    Touch control are sprites.

    in web browsers , is going very well , there is no such delay as much chrome firefox .... etc ...

    to test your application , use a tablet Asus eepad , good enough for my taste.

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