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  • I have a sprite with a sine behavior; Period: 5, Magnitude: 100. How do I measure its speed?

  • The linear speed is variable, I guess you can calculate it by checking the position at several time intervals.

    You initialize the oldXposition of the sprite.

    Every S seconds you get the newXposition of the sprite, calculate the speed with ABS(newXposition-oldXposition) and just afterwards update the oldXposition with the newXposition value.

    This will give you the speed in px per S seconds you have defined. If the S value is too small, reaching the per tick system limit, I guess that it will give bad readings. The speed of the sine goes from 0 in the edges to the max speed when passing the initial point.

  • Will this method give me an accurate number? It seems that sine behavior does not have one constant speed as it is always changing.

    There has to be a way. Maybe there is a way to measure how many pixels it is moving every tick?

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  • Change the every x seconds in the above answer to every tick and....

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