How do I make speech recognition works in Intel xdk android

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  • speech recognition works on chrome for desktop in construct 2, after i export it to android it not works(not triggered) also i put two event in construct 2 and after exporting to android (Intel xdk) the result was:

    1-the first event was check if the browser support speech recognition, the result was (True) for booth the emulator and my phone

    2-the second event to know if speech recognition actually starts,the result was (False) for booth the emulator and my phone and(True) in Chrome desktop browser

    ...any solution or work around to make speech recognition work

  • I asked in Intel xdk forms and that was their response:

    "I recommend you speak to the Construct2 folks to determine what the requirements are to make the speech recognition work in a webview on a mobile device."

    so any solution available ...

  • and this another response from them:

    I just did a little test to see if the speech recognition engine is available in either Crosswalk 7 (which is based off of Chromium 36) or the Android 4.4 webview (which is based off Chrome 30). The demo app here: and the documentation indicate that you need Chrome 25 or greater.

    However, as you can see from the tests below, the speech recognition library is not present in either of these. This is something that is unique to Chrome desktop and Chrome mobile. It is not, however, available in either the Crosswalk webview or the Android 4.4 webview (and definitely not in the older Android webviews).

    The only way you're going to be able to use your Construct2 media object along with speech recognition is if the Construct2 folks provide the appropriate hooks for that feature as part of their library for Cordova webviews. This is not something that we can enable for you in the XDK, this is something the Construct2 engine needs to do. The most likely scenario is that they would use a Cordova plugin to provide the necessary speech recognition.

    Chrome webview in Android 4.4:


    Chrome webview in Crosswalk 7:


    Chrome Desktop:


    so can you provide this feature in construct 2?

  • Ashley

    Can this be done by the scirra team?

    I also need text to speech on android via intelxdk

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  • Ashley

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  • It's very painful to implement anything but standards-compliant features that cover the exact same features. I couldn't immediately find any Cordova plugins that do. Ideally they will be compatible with the specification so all you'd need to do is add the Cordova plugin to your project and it starts working, but if it's not a compatible API then it's a real pain to integrate. If speech recognition is part of Chromium, then it really is best if Crosswalk can add support for it.

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