How do I Use Speech Recognition for multiple words?

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  • I am wanting to make a voice command game to move characters with voice. Problem is the speech recognition only works once or twice before not responding. I've seen a guy on Youtube that has his set up pretty good, but I can't seem get the capx he has. Ive tried this using the default, built in cocoonjs and the updated version. Neither work.

    Using construct 2 r190 64-bit free edition

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I've included the capx to the list.

    Note: Sorry for the multipost. I just deleted the other one.

  • hmm. surprised at the lack of people working with speech recognition. I figured since google can do it, people would be on that like white on rice.

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  • Well, solved this one on my own. The guy on youtube posted a link to his.

    WOW. The speech Recognition system is really...crappy.

    I say "run right" it hears "Railroad laugh". @wut.

  • Hey! Did you manage to figure out how to use the Speech recog?

    I got the dude's capx from youtube but don't really understand it.

    Were you able to make sense of it?

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