Specifically, your game creates a file name “nw.exe” in a di

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  • "Hello,

    We have received some reports of potentially malicious content in your game.

    Specifically, your game creates a file name “nw.exe” in a different folder from the game content and touches many files in the Windows\System32 folder.

    Because of the potential severity of delivering malicious content, we have removed the game from sale while we resolve this issue.

    Could you please explain to us what nw.exe does and why it installs to a different location from your game?

    Thank you,"

    However I have no idea how it got there and what it does. Please help me figuring this out. Has this happened to anyone here? Is it part of the build?

    I'm sure an official explanation will sort things out with Steam. If you need any further information let me know!

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  • nw.exe is your program executable when exporting with nw.js. how are you packing your install? Nwjs should be self contained.

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