Specific place to random generate an object to another.

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  • Hey guys,

    This is hard to explain in words, but I try. I have made an platform generate randomly upwards so the player will be able to climb up. This game is an infinite jumping game. I have made an score system in which there will be an item spawned on the random generated platforms and this works very well. The only problem I am facing is that this item, when it gets generated on the random platforms, it's placed on the down side of the platforms. That means that theplayer won't be able to collect this item when it's standing on the platform, since it cannot reach that item. See screenshot:

    What can I do to make this item generate on the top of the platforms so it can be collected?

  • Check the image point of the platform. It sounds like it may be on the bottom of the platform, that's why the item is generated on the bottom.

    Also, your image's don't show.

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  • Actually, the place you spawn the item at is the problem.

    Try to spawn the item at Platform.Y - 20,

  • Thank you so much! This fixed the problem.

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