How do I Spawners spawns platforms when they get Y distance

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  • Hi guys!

    I'm new in Construct 2 and am trying to create a Doodlejump game with another mechanics, but i have been creating for 2 days and I'm not getting a satisfactory result, someone could help me?

    I will explain:

    In this screen I have three types of Colored Platform Spawners.

    Every second the system choose one of these Colored Platform Spawners and creates a Colored Platform. Yellow Platform, Cyan Platform or Magenta Platform, until here I thinks this is ok.

    My real problem begins when I see that there are two platforms of the same color, very close each other in axis Y. I would like the system understand that the minimum distance between them has to be 64px or other distance acoording some function, perhaps. If possible making the Spawner_Points is not chosen when the minimum distance between them was still not reached.

    I've tried to do in various ways, using distance, variables, pick all, pick each, but I could not, in fact is a problem of lack of programming skills and poor understanding in Construct 2. I wish someone would help me.

    Thank you so much.

    Support Images:

  • The images are very small and as such your events cannot be read..

    Are you adjusting the infinite jumping example shipped with Construct2?

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  • Hi LittleStain,

    i saw the example that came along with the Construct 2, but is not the same thing, so I tried to do another way

    i edited the support images =]

  • Well, you are spawning every 0.2 seconds so f the same color is spawned twice in a row, this is the distance..

    if you put it to 0.4 the closest distance would be the distance between the lightblue ones..

    Another way would be to turn the spawner off for the first creation after the spawn..

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