spawner bug fix request

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  • iv got a spawner that is suppose to spawn enemies around the boss area(middle) and the starting area(bottom left).

    what ends up happening sometimes is that the spawner with spawn in a wall/column, boss area, or start area.

    iv tries a few fixes but they seem to create other bugs.

    -deleted link, sorry-

  • yep. im a slight dumb dumb. i only needed to make a sprite that i duplicated and resized over the enemy boss area and spawn.

    pick all instances of the sprite that covers the areas

    when spawner is NOT overlapping forbidden spawn(s)

    + when spawner NOT overlapping walls

    + every 5 seconds

    do actions.

    i did this before but without the pick all instances and it didn't work.

    tip. always check over your code in pseudo code and compare. sorry if i wasted anyone's time.

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  • what you nead to do to fix is put down the spawners manually using the mouse cursore in the edit and then you run the game and save it and delete it and burn your componer

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