How to spawn 'unique' / 'clone' objects

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  • Is there a way to spawn new objects so they are clones?

    Because right now when you use global variables to set 'enemy destroyed' it will destroy ALL enemies that are on the layout. I'm trying to use a health system for the enemies and player spawned objects.

    So basically you can spawn objects by clicking a button. These objects move to the enemy. Enemy can also destroy player objects and is moving automatically towards the players base. Enemies are spawned every x seconds.

    My problem is that I now need to make infinite copies of all moving objects and copy their conditions and actions as well (make them unique for each) plus I would need to make them all interact with eachother, almost infinitely. I'm pretty sure this isn't supposed to work like that.

    If any could tell me how to spawn unique objects or clones that'd be great.

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  • You need to pick the appropriate enemy to destroy. We'd have to see what you are doing to help more.

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