How do I spawn specific animations with image points?

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  • Hello guys!

    Started with C2 a few days ago and got a nice evolution so far. I'm still testing things for an idea I have and there's something I just cant get working.

    I need to spawn an animation in another animation by it's image point - Trying to simulate dust being created by my character's steps.

    I've set the image point on the specific walking animation's frame but can't figure out how to use the Misc>Spawn another object

    I'm not used to programming language, all my knowledge so far is from visual studies, illustrations and animations.

    Someone, please?

    (Sorry for the bad english)

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  • You mean something like this?

    Sprite is playing animation

    Sprite compare frame

    sprite spawn dust at imagepoint

  • The sprite animation didn't work, but I simulate it with particles following the steps you listed. Thanks, man, it worked just fine!

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