How do I spawn segments of random width one after the other?

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  • Hi!

    It might be simple but I'm a beginner and I need your help for this:

    I want to create an emiter outside the layout spawning sliding colored segments one after the other, they should touch each other. Each of the segment will be created from 3 colored tilable bitmap (red, yellow and green, they will be tilable textures) and the emiter should never spawn 2 of the same color consecutively.

    The emiter will spawn them during let's say 1 minute at a given speed and then stop emiting.

    There are also 2 buttons to insert 2 other type of segments (brown & pink). Those 2 have a definite width.

    When a button is pressed the next segment to appear will be one of those special segment. Then the other random segment should follow again.

    I'm posting a pic to explain more visually:

    What is the best way to achieve such a thing?


  • A little bit like this.


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  • Wow thank you so much!! It's so kind of you!

    I'm going to check it and learn!

    Have a nice day!

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