How do I spawn random objects?

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  • Hi guys,

    I want to randomly pick one object from a group of objects and spawn it in the level, but I cant seem to find the functionality.

    Basically I want to do something like the following:

    var a = random(0,1)

    if (a=>0&&<0.2) then


    elseif (a=>0.2&&<0.4) then


    elseif (a=>0.4&&<0.6) then


    elseif (a=>0.6&&<0.8) then




    How do I do this?



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  • You can do it just like that!

    You can randomly generate a new number every Tick and store it in a Global variable. You may trigger these actions (calling funcions) or you may use the same Tick trigger (of course doing this way you will probably consume more resources of the system).

    Use Events to compare 1 variable to a number and then Spawn that object. Duplicate this event to proper variable and action.

    Let me know if that helps you out.


  • Thank you. I also found the ? operator.

  • Yes! Nice!

    If you can, post your final solution.. this way others can learn from your hard work! =)

  • So what I did was I created a variable for the each of the object types. When I spawn an object I give it that variable unique number. Then when I spawn the the other object from it I give the same unique number to that variable.

    Then whenever I want to grab that a specific instance I add the addition comparison condition: Object type 1 ID number = Object type 2 ID number.

    Therefore, when I do something like destroy object 2 I get the instance I wanted.

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