How do I spawn objects and timing.

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  • Hey guys. I am a beginner and learning and need some help on some areas if you can help

    I am stuck on some areas. My game is basically a basic turret game which shoots bullets. There is an enemy turret as well which also does the same. I just want to learn the basics.

    Enemy turret:

    Basically i want the enemy turret which is at a locked at a position to shoot different bullets. I have created a family with a bullet behavior and also the event which is to create the family object ( which are different bullets one red, one blue, one yellow).

    However the enemy turret shoots the different colored bullets randomly without any timing. Example: it shoots red, red, blue, red. I want to control what type of ball the turret shoots, so example i want it to shoot 3 red balls then 2 blue balls then 2 red balls. Also how would i speed up these individual bullets at certain times? so for example, If red, red, red, blue blue bullets come out, i want it at a speed of 200. Then another set of bullets red, blue, blue, red, red shoots out but goes faster at 300 speed.

    A Step by step method of these 2 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

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  • As we are here to help and not do all the work for you. I will tell you need to set a veritable for each color ball. if Redfired = 3 and Bluefired = 2 do event or events.

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