How do I spawn objects with platform directly together?

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  • I want to make an endless runner game so I need a platform that spawns directly together with the last platform, but those platform have a strange problem!

    I can't explain that...

    Please look at that capx.

    I need it really quick!!!

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  • No anwser???

  • LINE000

    I think you should do it all different, this is a very strange way to solve it. You do realize, this way you need platform behavior for all objects on your map?

    The platform behavior of each object can lag causing them to slip above one another because of that. It is impossible to guarantee, they gonna stick together perfectly, as you already noticed

    Rather move the player, and set the cam with "scroll to" to it. then just replace (better than destroying and spawning, performance wise) the last one being NOT "is on-screen" and set its coordinates to the front. Look for some endless scrolling game tutorials, there are some out there in this forum e.g. here:

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