Spawn objects with physics behaviour

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  • I am creating some random objects with the "physics" behaviour and I wonder if at the time they arise and fall, it could stand in the correct position instead of spin.

    Another issue: the objects are stacked and disappear from the screen. I wanted them to spread a particular location and never stay stacked up missing from the window area.


  • Your question isn't very clear I'm afraid.

    The answer to your second question could just be "destroy outside layout", but I might be misinterpretating the question completely.

    The first part raises questions as well.

    I'm not sure if you mean spin or just rotate..

    If your objects are really spinning there's probably something wrong with the way your object or events are set up.

    If they just rotate, that would probably be because of the center of gravity (the origin), to solve this you can just set prevent rotation to yes in the objects physics properties.

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  • Hi LittleStain. Thank you. I fix it.

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