How to Spawn object only once

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  • I have this plane that flies (doh' <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> )   

    Want this plane to shoot only one missle when it closes within a distance of another object on map.

    What I did is

    Event ( system -> distance(plane.X,plane.Y,myobj.X,myobj.Y) < firedistance)   then   

    Action ( plane spawn missile, ... missle set angle to plane.angle)

    Now what this obviously does is .. as long as the distance is less .. it will keep spawning missiles.

    I only want it to spawn once.

    I tried to use "trigger once" .. but that makes only the first plane to fire a missle.. and the next ones dont.

    Please advise :)

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  • add "for each" condition to range check. should work


    For each "Plane"

    system -> distance(plane.X,plane.Y,myobj.X,myobj.Y) < firedistance)

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