How do I spawn new object without it be located on a layer?

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  • So I want to make something like character creation menu but I want to have many objects there without overloading a memory (Making project mostly for phones).

    Here is an image (example only for testing scripts)


    So I use [OnClick >> Destroy Character1 >> Spawn Character2 on sprite Postament (image point 1)] (Also later planning to move that to array).

    But if I remove Character2 from layer it will give me error. How can I spawn objects without loading all the set of objects in memory and not to make them annoy me being ouyside of layer??? Thanks for your time.

  • I think what you mean to say is "Layout" and not "layer". Create a separate layout that is just used to store sprites. This will improve performance too. Depending on how your game is layouts are, you can also disable collisions for all sprites. Put the all into a family. Then Set for the family to enable collisions on screen and disable collision off screen.

    Hope this helps.

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  • you mean like this demo

  • Wow. Thank you both! My game dont need collisions at all (now for sure). So I will remove them and also will try to do character select by animation. Thank you my heroes!

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