How do I spawn multiple instances of same object

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  • I'm trying to find the best way to spawn multiple sprites from another.

    I have a invisible 'spawn box' toward the bottom of my layout. After the user completes the task and level I want 20 instances of the same object to spawn from this spawn box. Each instance should spawn from a different area of the spawn box. What is the best way to do this?.

    Is it better to create 10 mini spawn boxes and have a seperate sprite spawn from each one when the time is right?. Or can I do it just from one long spawn box and have all sprites spawn at different points?.

    A balloon image spawns from the spawn box, I've just added another balloon so in total there's just 2 so far. I'm sure there's a better way of doing this with concerns to memory too.

  • Why not use Repeat condition - and create balloons in random layout positions action.

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  • Random and predetermined spawn points.. ... 7142149468

  • Thanks alot - never knew about the repeat condition. Thanks

  • Looks like your question has already been answered but what I would likely do is use

    system - create object - x = random(0,0) y = random(0,0) and then replace the 0,0 with whatever space you want it to spawn in such as x = (0,680) y = (580,680)

    then I would either have it repeat 10 times or I'd just manual copy and paste it a few times.

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