Spawn moving text that follows unit with an offset

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  • I want to spawn text showing damage done when a bullet hits a moving sprite above that moving sprite's head as it moves. I want this spawned text to stay attached to the damaged unit's head but also float vertically over time, just like most Blizzard games display fading/moving numbers above units heads fading away over time. I can not for the life of me get this to work. I can spawn the text above the sprites head after bullet impact no problem. I can not get a sub event where every tick it moves the damage text to the position of the damaged unit then uses a delta time to move the text up. Is there a bug with using every tick events as a sub event? I have also tried the every tick event as it's own separate event: Every Tick - Set the position of the text to the damaged unit with a delta offset, but this also does not work. Keep in mind that I will have multiple sprite instances all needing this damage text floating above the different instances at any given time.

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  • Have you tried using the Pin behavior?

  • I have tried pin and it does make the text move with the object, but I can't give it secondary vertical motion :(

  • Something like this perhaps?

    Scrolling text demo

    Using some custom behaviors like MoveTo or EasyTween creating this would probably be a bit easier.

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