How do I spawn images randomly and do a keyboard check?

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  • Hi guys, I am making a game that is something a little bit like 'Simon Says'. Basically, the game is about pressing multiple keyboard buttons that are displayed on the screen simultaneously before the timer runs out. There will be two random images displayed on the screen, each telling the player to press 1 to 4 buttons at the same time. They look like this:


    (so the yellow buttons are the ones that need to be pressed at the same time)

    Every time the player successfully presses the buttons, they gain 1 point and some additional time. New images are then displayed randomly and you get the idea... If the player presses the wrong button/s, its game over.

    What I want to know is:

    How to randomly spawn those images and assign keyboard buttons to each random image?

    How to add additional time onto the timer when the player successfully presses the correct buttons?

    Thank you.

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