How do I spawn enemies in waves?

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  • Hi all, can anyone suggest an easy way to spawn waves of enemies, for example my first wave is easy then getting progressively harder. I did work out a way but it seemed really hard work so I'm sure someone must know an easy way!!!



  • Well, you gotta remember

    In general depending on how complex your waves are a decent approach seems to use groups inside the event sheet and enable/disable those as necessary. So you basically plan out what the next wave should look like, place all the spawn/setup events into a group, make it disabled and enable it when the time comes.

    If your waves are super-complex it can get as far as making a system that, for example, takes something you have placed into a layout and stores all the important things into an array - then you save the array and use an opposite function to load the settings and create a new wave.

    It's all going to take some work, either way.

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  • many ways this can be done but, here is simple wave

  • Thanks for both replies, I will get onto it!

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