How do I spawn a destroyed object at his start position?

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  • I have a small problem :/ In my platform game there is a cave with a dinosaur inside. His speed is 0 and he just starts running when the player overlapps a special object.

    The dinosaurs speed is now 440 and you have to run away. That works pretty good. But now to my problem. The checkpoint for the player is behind the cave. If you die, you have to do all again. But how can i respawn the dinosaur again in the cave? First i have to destroy the dinosaur object when the player dies, right? And then i have to spawn another dinosaur object, but how can i spawn him at the start position in the cave? He always spawns there where the player died.. Sry for my english, hope its not too bad and thanks

  • Sounds like you let the player spawn the dinosaur instead of using system create..

    With the system create action you can create an object at any coordinate..

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  • Oh nice, sry I just looked for a spawn method in "system"... I tried it now with create and it works! Thank you

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