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  • Hello!

    I am looking to spawn a variety of sprites on the bottom line there where the house is <img src="" border="0" />however I want them to line up next to each other (about 5 sprites) in a random order each time they spawn, can anybody help me out with this?


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  • maybe in better words - I want the game to spawn a variety of sprites instead of one, for example in the flyingalong template there are basic blocks, I want there to be different blocks to spawn rather than the same one sprite, can you help with this?


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  • I'm not sure if I understood what you want. Put all the images you want into a single sprite, set animation speed to 0, set image point to bottom on the whole animation.

    Then spawn your object, set frame to floor(random(0,numberOfImagesYouHave)), set collision to disabled.

    Is that what your are looking for?

  • Hi thanks for getting back to me

    I want the a variety of houses to spawn on that bottom basicly however I dont know how to randomise which one is spawned onto that line and I need to them to spawn simultaneously next to each other like on the template for flying along (except instead of the squared blocks there will be different houses spawning), I have tried doing it but they simply collided.


  • If the houses are all the same width it should be as easy as making them different frames of 1 animation (with speed set to 0) and creating them the way the blocks are created in the flying alkong sample.

    just add an event

    house on created

    • set animationframe to choose(0,1,2,3,4)
  • Hi,

    Yes I tried this however because there are about 5 houses scrolling past they all end up being the same


  • is your animation set to speed 0?

    Are all houses animationframes of the same sprite?

    Are all houses the same width?

    Are you setting the animationframe on created as said above?

    Could you add a link to your capx and/or a screenshot of your eventsheet so we can see what you have tried?

  • Disregard I have it working, thanks for your help ;)

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