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  • Hello there,I am trying to build a game much like stickrun from facebook and I just don't know how to make for example coins to spawn on top of random generated objects and one more question,what are containters and what are they good for?I tried to do this using a container by spawning not the object but the container that have both the coin and the obstacle but it didn't work.

  • I would suggest going through the excellent Tutorials section on the site, Reading the manual and also exploring the sample projects that come with Construct 2. They will help you a lot.

  • Actually the construct 2 manual is what made me quit construct 2 one year ago,and using those sample projects I did created an alpha version of my game but you are not helping here...Thank you for the advice anyways.

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  • Containers might not be useful for what you're trying to do. As a Container will spawn items in that container if one is used.

    What you might want is to create a family, whack a bunch of sprites in it, then give the family a variable (say a number) and then at the start of the layout, randomly give all instances of the family a random number between 1-5. Then if the Sprite variable = 1, spawn object A, = 5 Spawn object B, etc

    Let me know if you need a CAPX to get what I mean.

  • I was thinking about families also and searched trough the internet for them and found that they can be very useful in what I want to make,unfortunately I don't have bought C2 at the moment but a capx would be nice and could make me understand what are and how can I use families.

    Thank you!

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