How do I Spawn Bullet on Imagepoint?

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  • (I'm sorry, i don't talk english very well, i'm italian... )

    Hi, i've got a problem

    i want to ad a shooting-enemy in my game, and set that if enemy can see the player, then shoot...

    and here's the problem... i don't know why the bullet spawn on the enemy's feet.

    I've already create an imagepoint on the gun and set spawn on imagepoint 1, but it spawn on the origin...

    Do you know why???

    (it's a platform game)

    Thank you

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  • If you do that, it should normally work. Upload the capx to see what you're doing wrong.

    Maybe the bullet spawns so quickly, that you have the impression that it's spawning at the origin but it actually isn't. Try setting the bulet spawn point a little bit further from the objet's origin and see if it works.

  • wait... i've re-create it and now it works... i don't know why but it works...

    in any case, thank you very much!

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