spawn bubbles from a moving diver

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  • Hello All

    Can anyone tell me or have an very small example of:

    spawning bubbles from player pos. when moving around

    Kind regards

    Steen Osterby

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  • Firstly its always good to post your capx. It makes it easier for us to help you.

    But what you want sounds relatively simple as long as you have a decent understand of Construct2.

    In your diver image add another image point, place it where you want the bubble's to come from.

    then add the event:


         ->Diver.spawnAnotherObject(Bubble, 1) // were spawning a bubble at image point 1 or what ever your image point is.

    You can easily modifiy this.

    For example you can set the seconds to: int(random(1, 2)) this will give you a whole number between 1 and 2.

    or for any value: random(0.1, 2) this will give you any number between o.1 or 2

  • super thanks. I will remember to comup with an example in the future.

    kind regards


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