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  • hi

    my English is weak so be gentle with me :)

    i want to spawn a(Boom) when this the shape collision to a wall.

    but the the (Boom) will spawn between the wall and the shape.

    i have no clue where i should start so please Help me.

    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • Create object with desired size. Object A

    Change its polygon shape points to adhere your needs.

    Add sprites for walls, leave original polygons.


    event: object A on collision with Walls

    action1: object A spawn boom object

    action2: destroy object A

    Thats the gist of it

  • i use TiledBackground for Walls and it have sold and physics behavior .

    i need to spawn (boom) sprite when the object A collision with A wall

    but i need to spawn it between the object and the wall.

    you know what i mean?

    it's like u have tennis ball full of ink and when it hit a wall it leave a mark of ink from the ball

    got it?

  • comoon guys , any one know how to do it?

    lets say i have a shape have 4 image points (up , down , left , right)

    i want to spawn sprite from image point when THAT image point collision to wall (1 image point)

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