How do I spawn all animation?

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  • As you can see in capx file, sprite2 has 4 defferent animation, How to spawn all animation!

    One more question: How to spawn sprite3 (slide) randomY posiion qua I have it just one in page per time.(not multiple)



  • Well i tried to sort out your problem in every manner but as per my knowledge you cannot have different animations for same sprite until you trigger something and set animation manually. but you can have different frames at the same time. Then again if can get exact logic which you are trying to put here i can be of more help. So far i cleared Sprite3 randomizing Y position issue and though the sprites change animations with every new spawn of sprite2 but they change all at the sametime.

    If this didn't suffice you please give us more insight what actually you are trying to do here.

    have a nice day. Download the capx to checkout

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  • iGamersBox

    Thanks for your try.

    Unfortunately this is not what I need.

    I want all animations in screen in same time. This capx just changes all animations and we just have one animation on screen!

    About roulling sprite, I want it start out of screen all time when Y is change. In this capx file, it continue moveing when Y changes!

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