How do I get spanish json files to work?

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  • Hi, I'm trying to get my program to be able to take in a JSON that has spanish content within it. I have already made an Chinese version of this simple tool and it works properly. However, when I switched the text sizing to one text box and replaced the Chinese characters in the JSON to Spanish, all I am getting is 0's. I have validated that the JSON is correct. Just in case there is confusion, the JSON is in a .cfm file that gets pulled into the game in a string fashion. I guess. Sorry, if I'm not saying any of this right Here's what I have, any help would be appreciated!

    --- Example of 0's --- .CAPX ---- CFM File

    Just add the https:// in front of gdrive links.

  • Are you trying to import this directly into the C2 array, because you have a cfm tag on top that will cause your import to fail.

    [quote:1bwgov6c]<cfprocessingdirective pageencoding = "utf-8"/>

    this line needs to go, or it will not import.

  • Sorry for the delay, yes I am trying to get it to go into a C2 array. I did not have that coldfusion tag there before and it still wasn't working. I recently added that because it was fixing all of the special characters. When I inspect element on the page that has my widget, the json is loaded. But none of it gets into the widget itself.

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  • I managed to get it working, I decided to ditch the .cfm file and go back to just a json. Thanks you for your help though!

  • Yea, I've never worked with cfm, but it sounds shady.

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