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  • The space invaders don't fire randomly, well, they do except all at once when they do fire.

    System->every random(3) seconds, invader spawn fire object.

    Also, if possible, I want them to all move down one when one hits the edge, just like in the original version. I tried the "Pick All" system event but for some reason they all cling to the edge for some reason and get messed up.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Try this ....

    For each Invader

    Every int(random(0,5)) seconds >>> Invaders spawn fire object

  • Do you have a sample capx of what is happening?

    If they are all instances of the same sprite, at the top level of an event they are all already picked. Further picking is actually filtering out the ones you don't want to act on. "Pick All" is the command to reset it after you had filtered some out.

    So if they are the same instance, telling that sprite to drop (y+10 or something) they should all drop, and then if they are a bullet heading X direction, set the bullet speed to -invader.Bullet.Speed

    -If your sprite was named "invader" abd they will reverse direction. (just put a minus in front)

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  • thanks, but the problem I have still persists.

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