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  • Hi guys

    My first post, please be gentle!

    OK, so, I installed Construct 2 yesterday and it's amazing. Really liking the deceptive simplicity of it, mixed with the raw power :)

    So, decided to build a Space Invaders game as a little learning exercise... And I'm already stumped!

    I have a couple of issues I'd like some help with - or feel free to point me at tutorials that my blurry eyes may have missed.

    1. I have a small 4x8 grid of Aliens. Is there a simple way to animate the group, as a whole, in that classic Space Invaders edge-to-edge-then-descend-a-row movement?

    2. Is there a way to animate a gentle 'rocking' movement on a sprite? Rotate seems to only have the option of a 360 degree rotation, and in one direction, rather then the 10-15 degrees I actually want, back and forth.

    3. How can I randomize the appearance of a 'min-boss' at the top of the screen?

    My apologies if these have been covered already - I have looked but I'm either too tired or it doesn't exist in the tuts section.

    Any further advice on things I may not have considered yet are greatly appreciated! I suspect there will be plenty of other questions :)


  • hmm, did I even manage to post this in the wrong forum?

  • Global number direction=1
    Global number rate = 1
    Global number step = 16 
    +System: Every rate seconds
      -> Invader: set X to X+step*direction
    +Invader: X > LayoutWidth-20
      -> direction = direction*-1
      -> Invader: set Y to Y+step
    +Invader: X < 20
      -> direction = direction*-1
      -> Invader: set Y to Y+step

    For the invaders movement should work

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  • Yann, thank you, that's much appreciated. I will have a go with this and post my results.

    (Yann, really nice clay work on your website - you ever tried ZBrush for your 3D work? You would probably really enjoy using that)

    Anyone able to help with my other queries?

  • 2. You should use the sine behavior (You have 2 examples in the c2 install\examples folder).

    For 3 I guess what you need the most is to know how to pick a specific instance and have different values to its instance variables and behavior.

  • Sine, of course - I saw that and skipped right past it. Thank you, that's perfect.

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