How do I get the source atop blend mode to work properly?

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  • I'm working on building a dynamic persistent global mini-map. I'm going to write a walk through for it assuming I get it working. I've used the example file to move ahead on my project, but now the fact that I can't get the blend mode to work on my own is driving me insane.

    I start a new project. Create a layer with transparency, and force own texture on. I create 2 sprites. I set the one at the bottom of the z order to blend mode "source atop" and have it overlap the other. What happens is the top most sprite stays the same and the bottom sprite becomes invisible. I've tried a multitude of tweaks, and changes to no avail. So can someone give me a quick guide? or fix what ever I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I'll try to make a video tomorrow to show what is happening it may be a bug.

    (I'm using Construct 2 Personal through Steam)

    I've added in new sprites to Blend mode demo and set them to source atop on the effect 7 layer. I moved them to the bottom of the z-order and they worked fine. If I move the 5 shield(object the source atop objects load over) to the bottom of the z-order it still works. If I make a new sprite on the same layer and put any of the source atop objects behind it; it doesn't work. The 5 shield logo is magic. :C

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  • Never mind. Instead of just using send to the bottom of Z order or to the top of Z I just used edit Z order and moved stuff around. After I did that the blend mode worked fine?

  • I'm having trouble figuring out source atop, too. Whatever object you mark "source atop" is invisible anywhere it overlaps transparency on its layer. What's giving me trouble is having 2 objects on the same layer be source atop, which might not be allowed.

    Aaaannnddd..... I just saw this post is a year old...

    Eh, Steve!

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