No sounds all of a sudden?

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  • Hi there!

    I'm working on a game and when I pressed "Run Layout" there were no sounds playing. It's completely mute for some reason and I tried with my other games as well and there are no sounds playing in those game either. I've never experienced this before so I was wondering if maybe I accidentally pressed a button to turn off the sounds or something like that. Is that possible? Is there such button?

    It's very frustrating because "outside" Construct 2, I have no problems with audio not playing.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tomolo Games /

  • I tried to change browser to Internet Explorer and now the sounds are playing. When I changed back to Chrome, the sounds were also playing. When I change to Default (which is Chrome) the sound are not playing though. It's never been a problem before so I don't know why it is now?

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  • I saw now that when I choose Chrome the game is previewed in Chromium and not Chrome and maybe that is why it's working. When I choose Default the game is previewed in Chrome and then it doesn't work. It has always worked in Chrome though, weird!

  • Have you tried the latest beta release? Sounds like the same issue as this thread.

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