Sounds refuse to play in the debug layout, why?

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  • Hello, my little problem is now a major problem...

    I'm making a game based on music, last week the sound was ok, 3 days ago the music didn't play everytime and now the music just refuse to play in the debug panel...

    The only difference is my game's weight is getting bigger and my computer doesn't play the sound, why?

    I used the setting "preload sound" of course, usually I have to restart the game few times to get the sound, I'm losing too much time

    When I export the game the sound perfectly works but I need the control panel to synch my game that is not finish yet... a nightmare

    Game weight: 250mo UC: 20%

    Edit: Even if I only "activate" the group where the music is it doesn't play the song... I just tried

    I could eventualy open few C2 and delete 75% of the code, edit my game, then copy/paste my new trigger in the previous C2... but this is obviously the wrong way

    Thanks for your help please

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  • Anyone? Please :'(

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