How sound works?

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  • I know I am able to preload sound. I assume it goes into the RAM.

    After the sound is played does it automatically get removed from the RAM or does it slowly go away due to other things being put into the RAM?

    This question brings up other questions, these may be answered with the first question.

    If it is a common played sound is there a way to keep the sound in the RAM?

    If it is a very rare played sound do I need to ( or can I) remove it from RAM?

    How long does the preloaded sound stay in RAM if I preload it and don't use it right away?

    I am only assuming it goes into RAM.

  • Sounds are not released from memory once preloaded or played, they stay in memory so that they can be played again without delays. So 'can a common played sound be kept in RAM?', yes it is automatically. 'If it is a rare played sound can I remove it from RAM?', nope. 'How long does the reloaded sound stay in RAM?', for the rest of the game.

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  • Is there no need to free up RAM?

  • C2 handles the RAM usage part as the engine.

    All you need to do is be smart on the memory usage of your game and stay within reasonable boundaries.

  • Thanks for the link. It was useful.

    When I first started the Manual was confusing to me. The problem I had was I didn't know some of the lingo used or I knew some of it, but didn't realize it applied to C2. Now that I have been using C2 for a while I can understand a lot of the manual.

    This engine always amazes me.

    You must get tired of posting links to the manual.

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