How do I get sound to work in IE (only works in firefox) ??

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  • My game plays fine in Firefox.. however, there is absolutely NO sound when I try and play it with Internet Explorer.

    I am using the latest version of Internet Explorer:

    Windows 7 Ultimate, Version 6.1

    Internet Explorer 11

    Anybody have any solutions? I also encountered a problem where certain 'loop' sounds did not work on Android (which I'm still trying to solve), but now I've just discovered there is absolutely no sound when somebody tries to play the game and uses the latest version of Internet Explorer.

    What am I missing?

  • different browsers use different formats -

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  • RamPackWobble: Thank you TREMENDOUSLY for pointing me to the manual. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't find it -- even after looking/spending hours trying to figure it out. I do have, however, one question. After reading the above link, I understand there are 2 format: ogg and m4a. But then I THINK it basically suggests just to import the sound files as .wav and it converts them automatically for me (in windows 7)?? Did I understand that correctly.

    At the moment, I'm not sure now if I should import them as .wav, OR ogg & m4a... plus, I'm not sure if I need to set up events for every single individual sound file. Could you possible just confirm which format I should use (I'm using windows 7):



    ogg AND m4a

    My worry is that if I start importing all these formats of all the same sounds and set up multiple events for the same sounds that it'll start playing it multiple times.. Thanks again for your help. At least I know I'm not nuts now.

  • Mostly good news... I used the freeware program 'audacity' and converted the files into wav. NOW most of the sounds work in Internet Explorer! I did hit one sound file that doesnt work.. even though Construct 2 said it converted it properly into both formats... I have no idea why.

    Worse yet, I tried the same web page using firefox on my laptop which uses the operating system called 'Ubuntu'. On that computer, once again, some of the sound files aren't working... and that computer does have firefox (and the sound files did work on firefox with a different operating system.. I dunno.

    Well.. it seems it ain't perfect, but its MUCH better now that I know that I must import them as .wav.

  • Some sound files have improperly formed headers that cause issues in the browsers, I found this out the hard way, but noticed that whenever that particular sound tried to play the game would crash. I had to redo the sound file.

  • Hmm... nope. it does NOT cause any problems crashing.. just doesn't play... I also tried it on an Amazon app and same problem... some sounds played fine, and others were soooooooooooooooo faint that I literally had to put my ear to the speaker to hear it... I'm stumped. It SEEMS like the ones that don't play very loud on amazon are the ones that I told it to loop the sound.... but that's probably just a coincidence.. the volume is fine on loops on firefox.. and now also on IE... I dunno.

  • I really am not the best person to answer questions on sound. It is a dark art with too many formats, sample rates and mimes (and lets face it, who wants to deal with mimes ?)

    I am going , for once, to try to keep my mouth shut. Hopefully much more knowledgeable people will be able to answer your questions - my answers would be 70% guesswork. If you are still stuck in a couple of days then give me a nudge and we can try to muddle through ....

  • I've got an idea.. would somebody out there mind downloading/trying out the 4 looping sound files I'm having trouble with.. maybe I somehow didn't convert the files properly or something silly like that. The 4 sound files are:





    Here are the links on dropbox for you to download:

    https: //

    https: //

    https: //

    https: //

    ** NOTE: I had to put a space between the above web address to allow it to be posted on this message board.

    Basically... I simply imported these 4 .wav files into construct 2. I'm using windows 7 and it looks like they properly converted in construct 2 to both file formats (ogg and m4a)... these sounds loop on firefox, and they also now loop on IE, but when I tried using it on android/amazon they don't loop -- or if they do, the sound is sooooooooooooo faint you have to put your ear to the speaker... they similarly don't loop on firefox when using the ubuntu operating systems.

    Thanks in advance.

    If I at least know the .wav files are correct, that is one less thing for me to try and troubleshoot.

  • I made another game with a different sound file and tried to loop it and the same EXACT thing happened.. the sound does NOT loop in Internet Explorer.

    Personally... I have a hunch this is a BUG in the program.. I was going to post this on the bug message board, but since I'm such a novice, I'm thinking perhaps I missed something? However, I suspect not.. I don't think the looping sound function works in IE... You are stuck telling Construct to merely play the sound every couple of seconds to get the looping effect. Bummer.

  • Here is a test using your sounds. Appears to work ok ? latest beta (164.2) and 637KB!

  • I know this is an old thread... but you know what.. I'm having the same problem... The sound works fine in Firefox.. and it also works fine on tablets using android, but I do NOT hear any sound when I use "internet explorer." Here is the link to my game:

    Let me know if you hear sound using Firefox and/or Internet Explorer. I'm stumped.

  • .wav .mp4 .ogg are just file extensions. You can edit the name using the rename function in Windows Explorer and change an .mp3 to .wav

    The important in those files is the actual container and codec of the audio, the extension just lets the program know what it should be reading, which is why if you change the extension using rename you can prevent some programs from playing the file, e.g. Windows Media Player, but if you tried the play the same file using VLC it would play fine, because it's looking at the codec rather than the extension.

    Before you have any obvious questions, please read the ENTIRE manual. Internet Explorer uses .m4a and FireFox uses .ogg, I forgot what Chrome uses (.ogg I think) since it's horrible and I don't use it.

    Before you important any sound into Construct 2, make sure it's .wav codec and not just extension, also make sure it's not corrupted. An audio file can be partially corrupted yet still play completely fine, but when attempting to import into programs it won't be able to because of the corrupted data.

    Convert any audio files you plan to use to .wav with a proper audio editing software, e.g. Adobe Audition, or the free Audacity (Audition is a lot better, you can get a free one-month trial).

    When you go to import audio to Construct 2, you'll get options to export to what bit-rate you what, this value is basically the quality of the audio, the higher it is the better it will sound, but also the larger the files will be and the more processing power your computer needs to use to play them (although unless you're trying to play 12+mbps videos you won't have any problems).

    Construct 2 will automatically re-encode sound files to .ogg and .m4a . When using " " to specify sound files in Construct 2, you do not need to include the extension. You also have the option of using a drop-down menu to select the file. Construct 2 will select the file based on the name, not the extension, which means that "Construct2.m4a" and "Construct2.ogg" are for all intents and purposes, one and the same.

    I'm a freelance audio/video editor, so I know my business. If you need more info feel free to ask, just be sure to include a tag otherwise I won't be seeing your reply.

  • Nesteris: Thank you GREATLY for your reply. Yes... you are right!! I wasn't entirely sure precisely what you meant so I imported the sound as BOTH an "ogg" AND a "wav" file into Construct 2. Even though that seemed like an overkill, I did that.

    And you know what.. I just tried the game in Internet Explorer and NOW it plays all the sounds perfectly. Thank you GREATLY.

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