How do I use sound as project files?

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  • construct does not support sound as project files. Is there any other alternative? I don't want users to wait till all the sound files downloads.

    What I did: I created a worksheet which have lots of sound files. I made two packages from exported project. Pkg1 contains all the js files, index.html, images etc and sound files required to play first two pages of worksheet. Pkg2 contains rest of the sound files which are required from third page onwards. As soon as Pkg1 gets downloaded I start playing from index.html. Before the user lands on page three pkg2 gets downloaded and extracted to "media" folder. But still the sound does not play on page 3 onwards(no exception, user able to interact with ui elements).

    So I want to understand how construct treats the resource files? Does it requires all the sound resources at the start of the game? Is there any solution to what I want to achieve?

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  • please someone answer this question.

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