Sound problems with Windows Phone Plug-in

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  • Hello,

    I am using the windows phone plug in with Lumia 920 and have ran into a few issues.

    1) About half of the sounds and music make a popping noise on start or stop. These sound effects came with Construct 2. I even reduced the sample rate in Audiacity but that did not help.

    2) Using the plugin's stop function will occasionally crash the device. I caught it in the emulator a few times.

    My game is a simple flappy bird clone so it shouldn't be too taxing on the hardware. Does anyone know how I can resolve these issues?

    Thank you!

  • You need to follow the tutorial by Windows Phone 8 sounds have to be .wav and you should use functions to call them His tutorial goes over all that. Just search for windows phone in the tutorials section.

  • Hi Blue, Thank you for the quick response. It's my fault for having a generic title but I couldn't fit the specific problems into it. I tried to remedy that by mentioning in the first sentence that I used/followed his plugin/tutorial. :)

  • Bump, any idea how to stop the popping noise?

  • I have had to remove sounds from my project on windows phone due mainly to the fact that some sounds just don't play and some actually crash it. Some type of header issue in the actual parsing of the sound file based on the errors I was finally able to dig out of error logs. No idea how to remedy it, but it seems that WP is VERY sensitive about audio files.

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  • Okay I finally fixed it.

    I played the .wav files natively and still heard the popping noise. Clearly something is wrong with the device. At this point I am panicking because users are leaving bad reviews.

    1) Fire up audacity.

    2) Select the first 0.5 seconds of the song. Apply effect->Fade in.

    3) Generate->Silence. Added 0.5 seconds of silence to the beginning of the sound.

    No more popping!

  • As for the crashes. I found a few things.

    1) Plug in's stop music by tag does not work.

    2) Stopping or playing a non existent tag or file leads to crashes. In C2's desktop export, nothing would happen. So you are right WP is a bit more sensitive. But this is something I can program around.

    3) Plugin's looping play doesn't work. I had to modify the c# file.

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