Sound planning for Windows 8 and Windows Phone app

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  • Hello All,

    I am not quite to the point where I am adding the music to my game yet, but wanted to get some feedback from those who have written apps/games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone already.

    I know that on some platforms especially the web that there are sound issues. When playing an HTML 5 game as a Windows 8 or Windows Phone app are there issues with sounds vs music, etc...? Since the whole package is "installed" as an app, there should be no streaming or loading delay. But are there any gotchas with doing sound for these platforms that I should plan for once I get into the music creation/production phase?

    Sounds vs. Music



    Limitations on number of sounds playing, etc...

    Memory Usage for Music?


    James Waymire

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  • I have not solved the sound issue.. Only 1 sound will play at a time.

    Also, my code does not react the same way on windows phone as in browsers (IE included)

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