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  • Hi Guys,

    I'm currently trying publish my games onto the windows store, I'm exporting my projects using the 'Windows 8.1 Universal' option, but when I tested my game on my phone via visual studio the sound (when it first plays) lags quite a bit.

    Is there any way to fix this? I have tried preloading the sounds etc but that doesnt seem to fix it either.

    I have also just tried doing a basic empty game and just playing a sound on click just to make sure its not my game, and I have the same issue with that also.

    Any help would be great,



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  • I'm not sure how to tell what is wrong but I check to make sure you have all of your settings and formats correct:

    I'm not audio wiz, I've only used audio files a few times in Construct. One time though a file didn't have the optimal settings but I figured hey I'll try it anyway. It worked fine in my browser and I forgot to change it and later when pulling it up on my phone it made horrid noise (like a dial-up modem or a fax). I can't find it right now where I read what the optimal settings are but since the link I sent is part of the manual I assume the bits and Hz displayed in the image are recommended.

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