No Sound on IPhone and Ipad safari

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  • Hi,

    I exported one of my project to html5.

    This project run a sound (using Audio > Play 'mysound' not looping from Sound at -10dB (tage "")

    When I run it on my PC the sound works as expected.

    But when I run it on iPhone or Ipad, the sound doesn't work.

    The sound is a wav 16Bit (as recommended)

    Would you have an idea why it doesn't work?


  • Do you have both a .ogg and .m4a version of the file?

  • yes

  • In my experience publishing to HTML5 for iOS is extremely buggy, when it actually does decide to play the audio it often has massive delay.

    I'm really hoping that the Ludei (and alternative) publishing options will resolve this tho as if not I might as well give up now on my iOS target audience now <img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I installed chrome on my iPhone and there a sound of my app worked (but only once).

    here is a demo of my app, it's a small puzzle for kids, when you finish a puzzle the sound of the animal is triggered.

    works as expected on my PC, but not fine when opening in IOS browsers.

    Should I preload the sounds somehow?

    I also have a black space on top of the app (that I don't have on my laptop)

  • I used the browser to be able to test my game.

    Here I exported it and test with cocoonjs launcher and it works fine, sounds are triggered when they should.

  • Cool, sounds promising then...

    I've attempted the cocoonjs launcher myself a few times but always seem to be presented with a black screen and FPS counter?! but hey it's good to know that it all might come together in the end :)


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  • yeah I had that same issue.

    basically you don't need to use ludei cloud (website) to generate the ZIP.

    Just use the ZIP Construct2 exports and use it directly in cocoonjs launcher and it will work.

  • Ah yes, I thought it might have been to do with the cloud compiler but tbh I just wasn't to bothered at this stage

    Thanks for the heads up tho.



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