How do I get sound on iPads

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  • My 'games' (exercises), for example ... index.html, don't have sound on iPads. Who can help me?

  • Could your issue be related to this?

    From the manual:

    Mobile limitations

    Safari on iOS and Chrome for Android share a limitation in playing music. While sound effects can be played at any time, music is only allowed to start playing when the user touches the screen. This is a limitation in the browsers themselves. As a result, if you play music on the start of layout, you may find in these browsers it does not actually start until the next touch.

    Safari on iOS has a further limitation that no audio can play at all until the first touch. In other words, audio starts off muted and the first touch unmutes audio playback.

    Usually you do not need to handle this in your events. If you try to play sound or music on 'start of layout', the audio object will automatically queue it up for playback the next time the user touches the screen. However you should be aware of this when designing your game. If the first touch changes layout or stops the music, then the music may never be heard. You may want to start playback then encourage the user to touch the screen with a 'Play' icon or something similar.

  • No, it's about sounds (not music), but thanks for answering.

  • I have had multiple problems with IOS and sound... MULTIPLE !!!!!!!

    . Arrgghhh , IOS and sound !!

    One 'workaround' that worked for me (kinda) was in the Project Properties > View >

    ( in the to set the Preload sounds to No

    and then in the event sheet slowly preload the ones just before they are needed.

    Cumbersome, but proof that Apple aint 'all that' ..... Android is flawless with sounds !

    I mean I like my Ipad, but the sounds issue is just annoying !

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  • So I'm not the only one with this problem

    Thanks for your answer!

    Changing the preload in all my previous games/exercises will take to much time, but I'll use your solution in future games.

  • I recently learned about and tried something that Kyatic told me and it works so much better, and

    you can preload sounds.

    [quote:26cw46tu]The workaround is to delete the offline.appcache file and its reference in the HTML file, but that in turn breaks offline support. So there's not a way to have audio support and offline support until Apple fix the bug.

  • Yes also having problems with iPad sound. If the music plays then the sound effects don't, but everything works on other platforms. Must try the preload to see if it helps. Thanks.

  • dont forget to delete the offline.appcache file : D

  • dont forget to delete the offline.appcache file : D

    That's a possible solution, but the offline support is broken completely.

    Much better way is to open the offline.appcache file with a text editor and delete the sounds from it.

  • grigrizljac

    and then keep the file?

  • Yep, just delete the lines with sounds, but keep the file.

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