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  • Hi,

    i've got a little or big problem with using sounds on my iPhone.

    If I play the SpaceShooter directly from sound works perfectly fine. But if I'm using the sample project and deploy it to my local xampp installation i can't hear any sounds.

    I've searched the forum as well and found two posts:

    1. Add a .htaccess file in the directory with has the following input:

    AddType audio/mp4 .m4a

    AddType video/mp4 .mp4

    AddType audio/ogg .ogg

    2. Add the FileFormats to the mime.types file - I've done this already:

    audio/mp4                         m4a mp4a



    audio/ogg                         oga ogg spx

    But both solutions didn't work.

    Are there any suggestions to fix this problem for me?


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  • Hi,

    after a lot of trying and stuff i've finally managed how to get the sound to work.

    1. Delete the Export folder in the xampp htdocs.

    2. Delete the AppCache of the iPhone -> Settings->Safari

    After publishing and starting the game again the sound worked without any problems.

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