Sound filter for behind disco nightclub building

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  • Imagine you are in a disco nightclub. You have loud disco music, the crowd and all.

    Now, imagine you walking out to back of the nightclub. You could still hear the music and all, but all the sounds are contained in the building, so how you hear it will be different from inside.

    So the question is this, if I want to give the player this impression that a disco nightclub is behind him, what are some of the filters I must use on the playing audio?

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  • Just use a low pass filter, this filters out the higher frequencies and leaves the lower bass frequencies which is normally what you hear when you're standing outside a nightclub. Even the default frequency on the low pass filter construct 2 uses of 350 will probably make a pretty convincing effect, drop the number lower to cut out more frequencies in the higher end of the audio spectrum if necessary.

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