How do I make sound files work on silk browser

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  • Hello,

    I been testing a game on a kindle fire hd and I can't seem to get any of the game sounds to work.

    The sounds work fine on my phone(s). I tried publishing in a few different formats, The outcome is always the same (sounds work everywhere but not on kindleHD/silk browser)

    Anyone know what the problem I'm having could be?

  • Make sure that there's three files per one sound, WAV, OGG, AAC.

    OGG and AAC files are automatically generated when you import WAV files but it depends on your OS version and the properties of your WAV files. Try third party audio converter.

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  • Ok, I'm using windows 7 home premium upgrade from vista.

    The original sound file was created on Acid 4.0 program and saved as the recommended (wav) for construct2.

    It converted the files properly from what I can tell. It makes an (ogg) and an (m4a) so yes i have 3 files. (wav, ogg, m4a).

    I noticed when i export/publish the project the only files in the media folder are the ogg and m4a files. Do the wav files also need to be in this folder?

    I'm thinking maybe the acid program im using is the problem, I'll try making a wav through another source and see if that changes anything. If you think of anything let me know.

    thanks for the help.

  • WAV files do not need to be exported. This is to reduce project sizes, since WAV is an uncompressed format, and OGG and M4A are compressed.

    What you can do to make sure your sounds are even playable after conversion is to load them up from your project. Use Windows Media Player or another audio player and if they cannot play it then chances are something is wrong with the conversion process.

    But using another program to output WAV files is still good.

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