Sound direction depending on player's viewing direction

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  • Hey folks,

    I am working on a top down game with positional audio.

    Let's say the player (the listener object) is facing north and a sound emitting object is left of it. The player then rotates 90 degrees clockwise so logically the sound would be behind the player, from their listening perspective. Any idea if that is possible with construct?

    So far nothing happens when I rotate the player.



  • play sound at object. and you have angles to play the audio towards, and have a angle to increase or decrease the audio ... you can make the play audio at angle of position of player and curent sound position and update it... however i think will restart the audio...

    this is best to use for car engine sounds short FX's and not music... but im not entirely sure if the restart of audio to update the angle is necesary or automatically updates once the angle is set and player position is changing interactively.

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  • Yes, thank you I completely forgot about that.

    Yet, the problem with the restarting audio still persisted. I didn't mention that my prototype is an audio-only game. Since the player won't see the objects anyway, I ended up rotating the whole world around the player, this way the audio doesn't restart.

    This might not be a solution if you are working with visuals, though.

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