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  • Hi again all,

    i created a shooter game that plays all sounds fine.

    i have taken a copy and tried to modify it for touch control devices. the game runs fine but does not play sound.

    all i have altered is the touch control.

    Help Plz

    any help is always appreciated

  • Did you use PhoneGap or just browse to the game on the device's browser?

    Touch/mobiles don't generally have very good sound support yet, it's something we're still working on.

  • Hey Ashley

    Have tried it via Ipad browser and normal android browser, neither worked (sound wise that is)

  • Lprez: you can use the solution I present I the main C2 section of the forum.

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  • Thx Pode. the only issue i can see here is that i do need 2 sounds to play at once, I am going to give it a go although some of that code seem a bit above my lvl of expertese, will give it a crack anyway.

    thx for the advice

  • Lprez: sadly, you can't play two sounds simultaneously, even with that method.

    : I tried to play wave file over an already playing audio background (tried with an .mp3 and a .mp4 on the ipad), and it doesn't work (I remember one of your comment saying that perhaps you would try wav SFX on top of compressed audio background). From my experience, it doesn't work, but I can be wrong in implementing that hack.

    I also tried some javascript libs to generate wave audio data (like riffwave.js), it doesn't work either. And Mobile Safari doesn't want to play a wave or an mp3 base64-coded dinamically inserted into the DOM.

    So I think we need to wait for Apple to change that on their browser, or find a XCode Project that uses a UIWebView and some tricks to bind the JS audio calls to some native code...

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