sort of a simon says with graphics help

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  • As with a simon says game. You usually have colored blocks or a sequence of sounds and the user would have to recreate the exact same sequence to advance to the next round.

    What I would like to do is take that concept but replace the sounds with a sequence of changing pictures.

    For instance. I have a guy that kicks his leg up. I want the sprite to kick his leg up and then the user would have to choose a button that also makes the sprite kicks it's leg up. ( I would have a set number of buttons sort of labeled "high kick", "low kick", "high punch", low punch")

    So when the sprite randomly does a high kick then the user would have to hit the button that says high kick. Then the sprite would do a high kick and follow with a low punch. So the user would have to do hit the high kick button and then the low punch button..

    Does that make sence?

  • please? anyone? Just point me to an example. Doesn't even have to be that elaborate. Mainly I need to know how to have an object do something and then the user has to do the same thing.

    I've looked at a simon says example but in that example there is nothing movable. It's just buttons that light up and then you follow what it does. ( Just like a real simon says) But I don't know how to transform that into a graphic that changes into something else.

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  • Made an example. You could improve it further.

    Web Game


  • Thank you so much. I will look and see what I can do with it. Thanks again

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