How do I Sort the Z Axis by the Y co-ordinate?

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  • I have had this question answered before a year ago but the link that was put in the answer has no expired.

    I also want to expand on this by no only sorting sprites order in a layer but also a tilemap. Is that possible?


  • I had done this before, but with sprites only (I didn't use tilemap on my project at that time).

    You can do like this:

    for each [object] order by [object].Y descending {
    	[object] move to top of layer
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  • Thanks, I don't think it will work for a tilemap though as they can't be in the same family as a sprite

  • How about storing all related object's UID in an array, sort them, then pick one by one and set it to top?

    Probably 2 dimensional array, y(0) = Y coordinate; y(1) = object type ("sprite"/"tilemap"); y(2): UID. This way, you can sort by X axis and get the sort by Y coordinate.

    first store each UID in array;
    sort array by X axis;
    for each array x element {
    	if(, 1) == "SPRITE") {
    		pick [sprite object] with UID =, 2);
    		move object to top of layer;
    	} else {
    		pick [tilemap object] with UID =, 2);
    		move object to top of layer;
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